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European Automotive Congress

November 25, 2015 – November 27, 2015

The EAEC Congress will be jointly organized with SIAR’s traditional ESFA Conference. Thus, ONE international congress standing on two legs: one leg being the 14th edition of EAEC and the other the 9th edition of ESFA. This very prominent setup is planned for November 25-27 in Bucharest in the new library of the “Politehnica” University of Bucharest (UPB), a convenient venue featuring excellent technical equipment and room facilities.

The EAEC-ESFA 2015 Congress is an opportunity for participants to:

exchange information in specific areas of the automotive industry by hearing various papers presented at technical sessions;

update information on automotive industry dynamics thanks to technical site visits;
establish new contacts in order to develop/strengthen relationships with partners from the academic and industrial environments worldwide.
Therefore, the EAEC-ESFA 2015 Congress will serve as a true workshop, characterized by a quality scientific dialogue which will contribute to enriching the participants’ experiences.

The Society of Automotive Engineers of Romania (SIAR) is honoured to host for the first time the EAEC Congress. Romania is involved in the automotive industry, this economic sector having an important influence over the Romania’s GDP.

This event is organised by SIAR under the FISITA Patronage.


Concursul Național Stundențesc de Inginerie a Autovehiculelor

În atenţia studenţilor anului IV (AR + ISPA) şi a studenţilor de la cursurile de Master (CDIA+SIOAM+STADA)

Departamentul Autovehicule Rutiere organizează sâmbătă, 18 oct.2014,ora 10,00, faza locala a Concursului Naţional Studenţesc de Inginerie a Autovehiculelor” Constantin GHIULAI”, domeniul “Dinamica autovehiculelor”, ediţia 2014.
Înscrierile se fac la secretariatul departamentului (camera JC 203), pană vineri, 17 oct.2014, ora 14.
Bibliografia concursului este reprezentată de notiţele de la cursul de “Dinamica autovehiculelor” predate în anul III la cursurile de licenţă.

Director Departament AR, Cr. Andreescu